Middleton Arts provides arts management consultancy services to the Australian live performing arts industry. The company also provides EMDG consultancy services to  Australia’s exporting creative industries.

The Company provides a wide range of arts focused expertise, with a  particular focus on international market development and producing, EMDG export grant applications, strategic business planning and organisational reviews and audits.

The company is based in Sydney and managed by Vicki Middleton, a freelance arts consultant with 20 years experience heading up world class arts organisations. Vicki works on a contractual or freelance basis, providing a personable, efficient and professional service, all whilst building positive working relationships with clients built on mutual respect and trust. Vicki has extensive arts management experience in the UK and Australia and has programmed and toured work in over 30 countries across six continents.

For many arts managers and organisations it is an ongoing battle finding the hours or expertise to develop new projects, find new markets or evolve their business models and revenue streams; even when such work is critical in promoting growth, profile and artistic development. By outsourcing work to Middleton Arts, unrealistic workloads can be alleviated and exciting projects realised. EMDG_Consultant.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

Photo credits: Works produced by Vicki Middleton whilst Executive Producer of Frantic Assembly 1994-2004  Top left: Jai Lusser (Heavenly), bottom left:  Perou (Rabbit), right:  Perou (Peepshow).