EMDG Consultant

Middleton Arts is a registered EMDG Consultancy, working with arts organisations and creative agencies to process, manage and lodge EMDG submissions each year.

What is EMDG?

The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) is a financial assistance program managed by Austrade for aspiring and current Australian exporters. The scheme encourages small to mid scale companies to develop export markets for their goods or services. Unlike the majority of arts grants, where companies compete for grants in advance of a project commencing, the EMDG works more like a rebate. Under the scheme, applicants are reimbursed up to 50% of eligible export promotional expenses (upon proof of payment) above $5000, as long as the minimum spend across the financial year is $15,000.

Nine categories of promotional expenses can be claimed:

  1. 1.Overseas representation

  1. 2.Marketing consultants

  1. 3.Marketing visits

  1. 4.Communications

  1. 5.Free samples

  1. 6.Trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotions

  1. 7.Promotional literature and advertising

  1. 8.Overseas buyers

  1. 9.Registration and/ or insurance of intellectual property.

Click here for further details on eligible expenses.

Why choose Middleton Arts as your EMDG Consultant?

  1. Vicki Middleton has over 20 years experience of submitting successful grant applications to a broad range  of funding agencies, government bodies and programs

  1. Creative industry specialists -  having worked in the creative industry for over 20 years we understand the needs, aspirations and dynamics of the sector

  1. Quality not quantity - we are not interested in churning out as many applications as possible each year, just really good ones that maximise returns for clients

  1. Personal service - Our aim is to work with people who are as passionate and driven by what they do as we are, and in return we provide a reliable, personable and professional service - we strive to form working relationships based on mutual trust and respect

  1. We can advise on how best to manage export strategies in order to maximise EMDG claims

  1. We can advise clients on other export grant opportunities within the creative industries

  1. We are a small outfit - clients will always deal with the same person ensuring nothing ever slips through the cracks

  1. Hands on experience - Vicki Middleton has exported work to over 30 countries across all continents, and has experienced first hand the challenges, obstacles, opportunities and sheer delights of exporting

  1. 100% of EMDG submissions prepared by Middleton Arts have been successful to date - we aim to keep it that way.

The Process

  1. 1.Hold an introductory meeting (no fee, no obligations) to find out more about your venture, discuss the EMDG scheme and the submission process.

  1. 2.Confirm the company is eligible for an EMDG claim at the close of the financial year.

  1. 3.If all parties agree to proceed, send a letter of agreement and schedule a period of time in which the application will be processed (opens 1st July and closes around 1st December each year).

  1. 4.Work with relevant staff members to prepare the application in the agreed period, gathering invoices, evidence of expenditure and other documentation requested by Austrade.

  1. 5.Following submission, Austrade will contact Middleton Arts regarding any queries or questions they may have - this may be in the form of a site visit by an EMDG expert or over the phone.

  1. 6.Once Austrade have signed off on the submission, funds will be paid directly to the client - the response time will vary depending on the number of applications Austrade are processing at that time.


Middleton Arts charges a fee of 10% of the final grant awarded, due on receipt of funds from Austrade. A minimum fee of $2,500 (to be paid on 1st July each year) is payable. In the unlikely circumstance an application is unsuccessful, no additional fees above $2500 will be due to Middleton Arts. This fee level is a common industry standard across EMDG consultants.

For more information please do not hesitate to call Vicki Middleton on 0424 312 392 or e-mail at vicki@middletonarts.com.au.

‘I Am Jack’ - 8 week USA tour, 2014.  Produced by Middleton Arts for Monkey Baa Theatre Company.

‘Peep Show’ - a co-production by Frantic Assembly, Lyric Theatre Hammersmith and Theatre Royal Plymouth, UK. Vicki Middleton promoted and managed a UK tour in 2002.

‘Sell Out’ - Frantic Assembly. Vicki Middleton promoted and produced tours in Syria, Lebanon, France, Zimbabwe, UK and Ireland,